Summer Moon Music Products / Gregg Rogers Guitars (licensed to do business by Washington State)

USA Shipping: Most orders are shipped Priority Mail, which reaches US locations in 2-3 days. Aged parts take a few extra days. Please allow time when ordering them to give us chance to do the appropriate work.

Overseas/Non-USA Shipping: If you require a tracking number, please select the Express Mail Option. Choosing the Priority Shipping method will provide an automated Del. Conf #. On overseas orders, this will show when the item is shipped, but the package is not scanned along the way and can take anywhere from 1 week to 3 weeks to arrive. We are not able to control or check on a package once it leaves our hands.

Return Policy
Please inventory package contents immediately upon receipt.
We must be notified of shortages within 3 days.

There is a 15% restocking fee on returns, this also applies to any cancelled order than has been processed, whether shipped or not. There is a 5% restocking fee on exchanges to cover handling costs. No returns on books, tapes, CDs, DVDs clearance/closeouts or electronics. If you are not completely satisfied with any* product please return it to us in original condition, postmarked within 10 days of receipt. We will repair it, replace it, or refund your money per instructions included with the return. You do not have to call to get a return authorization if the value is under $50. This includes anything purchased from the online shopping cart. Shipping is not refunded.
Here is what you need to do:

Item(s) must be unaltered, in the original packaging and include a copy of the invoice. Standard First Class Mail with Delivery Confirmation is an easy way to return small parts. The envelope the parts came in can be reused in most cases by crossing out your address, removing the postage label and turning it over for addressing. If the item is defective please include that information. If the value of the return is over $50 please insure it. Save your return mailing receipt in case of loss by the shipping/mailing company. If you drill holes in necks or bodies or alter them in any way there will be a minimum 25% restocking fee. You will be charged accordingly for missing, broken, or substituted components of the returned parts. You will not be credited for the return until we receive it.

*Return Exceptions: If you are ordering a one-of-a-kind custom made item it may not be returnable unless defective. ElecyReturn of Custom Ordered lacquer finished bodies will incur a minimum 25% restocking fee.

In the unlikely event that your package arrives with the box damaged please check it carefully and notify us right away if there is a problem. Save the original packaging! Do not send it back to us without notifying us first. If it was sent via UPS we will call them and ask that they pick it up from you. They will take it to their damage assessment center and contact us.

About vintage style finishes: Lacquer finishes, whether they are new or 30 years old should not be exposed to plastic products, vinyl (don't lay it on top of a guitar bag or on a car seat), bug spray or extremes of hot and cold. We ship our finished bodies or complete guitars without the use of Styrofoam, bubble wrap or "cookies" whenever possible. Bubble wrap is extremely harmful to lacquer finishes! It doesn't even have to touch a finish to harm it. If your metal guitar stand uses non-surgical (plastic) tubing on areas that touch the guitar body or neck, cover the plastic parts with a scrap of old T-shirt or toweling or a stand "bra" (we carry these). Do not leave any guitar in a hot car in the summer or in an unheated garage in the winter. Extreme changes of temperature are hard on any guitar, regardless of brand name, age or finish type.

About Pickguards: Please do not remove the protective plastic coating until you are sure the pickguard fits your guitar. Altered pickguards cannot be returned. Don't use guitar polish or other liquids on aged plastic or hardware. Guitar polish should be sprayed on the cloth, not directly on the guitar. Aged plastics will acquire gray smudges if hands are dirty, sweaty or wet. We recommend having clean, dry hands when installing your pickguard, pickup covers & knobs or doing any work on the guitar.

Guitar assembly and replacement parts: "Trial Fit" neck to body and all other parts in their proper places before drilling holes, painting or doing final assembly. This is very important and not a waste of time! Neck fit can vary due to wood expansion and contraction, years of use, paint build up, manufacturing machine tolerance, etc. To prevent damage to your instrument, don't over-torque mounting screws, always use hand tools. Power or battery operated tools are not recommended.

Disclaimer: Gregg Rogers Guitars/Summer Moon Music Products is not responsible for any accidents, damage or personal injury that may occur when installing or using parts, whether to yourself, others, or an instrument you are repairing or building. Warranty period is limited to 10 days from receipt of purchase. No other warranty or replacement of parts or instruments purchased from Gregg Rogers Guitars applies or is implied. "Aged" parts may have a shortened life span. Installation or replacement of stringed insrument parts may require the services of a licensed repair shop or trained luthier. It is the purchaser's responsibility to determine whether they have the necessary skills to do the job or if a professional is needed. We will not replace parts damaged during installation. Any modification to products purchased from us voids all warranties or replacement of the product, including warranties from various manufactuers, such as Duncan, Fender, etc. We do not reimurse for labor charges under any circumstances. By placing an order, either online, in person, by mail or fax, via direct payment through or by phone you are agreeing to all the terms listed on this page.

All shipping costs are the responsibility of the purchaser and are not refunded.

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email: Voice mail: 360/826-3157


Here's an example of what's not covered by warranty, unless the shipping company did it during transit. No, it wasn't an accident, just a momentary lapse in judgement.